Sunday, September 30, 2007

Why Faith

The concept of faith is one of the core principles of Christianity, but what exactly is faith? Furthermore, why does God use faith to prepare his children? Hebrews 11:1-2 describes faith as "being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see." Without faith it is impossible to please God. Hebrews 11:13-16 goes on to further describe four principles of faith.
  1. Faith endures to the end - In the beginning when we first come to know God, God will answer your prayers right away. It will seem everything is going your way, but as we get closer to God, it will feel like God is answering us less and less frequently. It is not because God has forgotten us or is mad at us. It is because we have become more spiritually mature. God strengthen and refines us with our trials. Just like a mother displaying her love for her infant child by nurturing to their every need, the same mother will demonstrate her love by demanding discipline and resolve as the child gets older.
  2. Faith envisions beyond here and now - Your faith must give you hope beyond our worldly existence. If you faith lingers only from moment-to-moment you will never grow spiritually. Do you live with the hope of eternity in you heart?
  3. Faith eliminates all doubts and obstacle - God makes it so easy to reject him. He will never force you to listen to him. He will never give up on you, but he will never barge his way into you life demanding you give up everything for him. Yet if you find yourself always thinking about the all the stuff you gave up before you met God, then it will become inevitable that you will return to it. It is only when you make the resolve to leave it behind, is when that door closes behind you so you can move on.
  4. Faith exalts God - Is God ashamed of your lack of faith? Just as much as God can be please by your faith, he is just as easily ashamed by your lack of faith. In the moment of truth when you come face-to-face with trials, God can either be pleased by your trust in him, or disappointed by your lack of faith in Him.

After all when we begin to doubt, we are really doubting God.

--from Nakwon EM September 30th 2007 Sunday Worship Service
*To listen to this sermon in its entirety, please contact James Kim

Get in the wheel barrow.... NOW!!

To Zaya,

I just wanted to tell you that your testimony has given strength to everyone from someone like me, who struggles day to day with his faith, all the way up to our Song JDSN. Maybe this was God's way of helping EM. I don't know, and honestly I'm not writing this to preach to you (that's best left to the pros like Song JDSN =P). I just wanted to tell you that our prayers and tears are with you and that we'll all be here waiting for you with open arms when you come back. Oh and we'll make sure James keeps his "wormy" apples away from you. =)



little jane said...

oh wow- that was fast!
you have the sermon notes up already! =)

Thank you Ray (for posting :P)
Thank you JDSN (for teaching...)
Thank you James (for sending the sermon on audio)
& thank you everyone else for everything else! haha

OH~ and yes, Zaya =) You ARE a huge blessing & encouragement to all of us. i'm so glad we can share our praises and struggles as we walk with God. I'm even more grateful that we can challenge one another to strengthen our faith and trust in Him too.

I can't wait to see you, girl <3

little jane said...

oh... and JDSN...
I know it is YOUR definition of faith... but do you think you can post that on here, please?

LightMyPath said...

i'm crying .. i'm such a cry baby ...

Zaya - I LOVE YOU!!!!
God does answer prayers ... God is good! I'll be praying for you and your family. I personally learned that God really delights in those that trust Him and is pleased with those who endure by faith through all storms .. and that is YOU Zaya!! Miss YOU!!!

and Ray .. how big is that wheel barrow? =D

Anonymous said...

Ah, I can just imagine...

TiGHTROPE WALKER: "So, who wants to volunteer? My barrel is ready!"

(all fall silent as RAY walks up to him smiling)

Tighrope Walker: (beat) "Anyone else?"


thanks for a great job on the post, ray!

Anonymous said...

I'm don't have wheel!!

thank you ray!
I read it!!


I want to see you >-<