Monday, September 17, 2007

Godly Living in an Ungodly World

Daniel 1:3-8 introduces us to Daniel and his friends as they are being groomed to be put into service for the king of Babylon. Daniel and his friends were thrusted into a new world where they were being forced to adopt new ideals and customs that went against their teachings in Judah. We live in a world where even though 80% of Americans claim to be Christian, our society rarely reflect the ideals of Christ. We are constantly bombarded with ideals and ethnics which slowly chip away at the very core of Christianity. Much like Daniel growing up in Babylon, we too often find ourselves struggling for godly living in an ungodly world. So how does one attain godly living in such an adverse environment?

It begins with discernment. Do you know what kind of world we live in? Does the gratuitous violent images in today's media no longer bother you? We live in a world where the idea of right and wrong has now become relative. Where something considered wrong and immoral for one person can considered acceptable for others. So how does one attain discernment? The answer is the bible.

The second characteristic of Godly living is determination. In v8 Daniel resolved not to taint himself with the royal food and wine which was used as an offering as an offering to false gods. There are three things to note about what Daniel did. First he committed without compromise. Daniel risked himself by refusing to the eat the food. Secondly he resolved with tact and wisdom. He didn't go barging into the chief officials courts demanding to have his food changed. He acted practical and plead his case with the chief official. Finally he acted with faith. He had faith that the Lord would deliver him.

Finally, godly living demonstrates results. If you live Godly, you will see the result. In v15-21 it states that at the end of the ten days they looked healthier and better nourished than any of the young men who ate the royal food. Furthermore its states that God gave knowledge and understanding of all kinds of literature and learning. And Daniel could understand visions and dreams of all kinds. God blessed them with wisdom and surpassing knowledge and all began with his resolve to do what was right.

Living Godly is our world is never an easy thing to do. Peter mentions that those who want to live a Godly life will always be faced with persecution. However, if you have the faith and resolve to follow through, God will bless you in ways you can only begin to imagine. We are called to follow a higher path, will you have the resolve to follow?

--from Nakwon EM September 16th 2007 Sunday Worship Service
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Daniel is so muh-shi-suh!!
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ray... does JDSN give you an outline of her sermon, or do you just take amazing notes??? O_O
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haha..thanks jane. nah she doesn't but it's really a testimony to how well organized her sermons are

Anonymous said...

i should add that the census of 80% Christianity in the United States was as of 2001. Today, it has decreased with prevalence of Muslims and introduction into more "mystical" eastern religions and atheistic movements.

Also, only about 2/3 of that 80% is protestant; the rest being Roman Catholics.

Good work with the summary, Ray.


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