Monday, September 18, 2006

the simpler answer...where is the Tabernacle?

I reread the question and I realized, the inquirer is young, so here is a simpler answer to the question of the whereabouts or the discovery of the orginal Tabernacle:

No. No one has come so far claiming to have found the real Tabernacle.

It was built around the time of Moses and though it was carried into the Promised Land of Canaan during the time of Joshua nearly forty years after it was built in the desert, during the time of the judges in which the Israelites were mostly fallen away from God, at some point the Tabernacle is no longer mentioned, but only the Ark of the Covenant which was placed into the First Temple ever built - the more permanent Tabernacle built with beautiful and costly Lebanon wood, stones, gold and other costly materials by King Solomon in 950 B.C.

However, the Temple, a more extravagant version of the Tabernacle, was destroyed by the Babylonians in 586 B.C., its furnishings and costly things all carried away to Babylon just as God had told the people through His prophets.

We have no record of the Ark ever returning to the Land of Israel, though we know the temple was rebuilt many years later.

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