Tuesday, September 12, 2006

revival - table of bread

In Exodus 25:23-30, God gives instruction to Moses to build a table out of shittim wood (acacia wood) and overlay it with pure gold.

It is interesting to note that everything outside the Holy Place and the Most Holy Place is made of materials other than gold; Gold is used exclusively inside the tabernacle.

The bread on the Table had to be replenished regularly, later to be consumed only by the priests who served inside the tabernacle. It was their daily provision.

Pastor Kim did not give any specific teaching on the Table of the Bread of Presence, so I will mention a little insight I personally received while preparing for EM Sunday worship service.

When Jesus taught his disciples how to pray in Matthew 6:9-13, he told them to pray for daily bread.

One of the most critical lesson God wanted to teach the children of Israel during their wandering in the desert was daily provision of God. He sent a snowy flakes of food they called manna (which simply means 'what is it?'), which they were instructed to gather each day enough for the day only.

Some disobeyed through unbelief in the faithful provisional God and gathered more than could be consumed in that day, thinking to save up for the next day.

But they found the saved manna was full of maggots and stench.

Jesus commanded us to pray for our daily provision, not because God would not give it otherwise, but because this was how we established our relationship with our Heavenly Father, the Provider. The importance of making petition with God is not in receiving the needed provision, but in coming to know the Provider, and learning and eventually trusting in his faithfulness in all provision.

...to be continued...

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