Tuesday, September 12, 2006

revival - most holy place

The Ark of the Covenant was to be made also with acacia wood and overlaid with pure gold. It was not a huge box, and in fact insignificant in size or perhaps even shape, except it was where the glory of the Lord came down and rested upon the Atonement Cover (or called Mercy Seat) where two gold-carved cherubims sat amidst God's very presence.

This is where God met with His people.

And this is where God meets the praying believer.

The Most Holy Place is where we hear the very voice of God, that still small voice. And it does not happen the moment we begin praying, just as the High Priest could not enter the Most Holy Place without having gone through the entire procedure starting from the entrance to the courtyard.

Pastor Kim taught of various ways God speaks to His people.

She emphasized that literal, audible voice of God is very rare, and more often than not the voice of the devil enticing us through confusion. Perhaps once or twice in a person's life will he or she ever hear the audible voice of God.

Mostly, God speaks to us through different means such as the Word of God, through our conscience, through other people's exhortations, and through prayer or praise.

The more earnestly we seek to hear the voice of God, unhindered by our preferences and prejudices, the more clearly we can hear His voice. Our willingness is the key issue. Are we prepared to obey Him no matter what He says?

Many believers have walked difficult paths because they "heard God wrong."

God is always speaking to us. But so is the devil.

The Accuser of the brethren is always out to confuse and torment us, to keep us away from seeking and finding the truth, to hearing God's voice.

But we will find that when we come before God without personal agendas, selfish, impure motives or desires, we will hear from the very heart of God in that Most Holy Place.

Prayer brings us to the very presence of God. It is a place where our boasts will sound flat in our own ears, our confidence melts in the presence of a humble God who gave up everything to make us His own. No one can boast and be cocky in His presence. Anyone who has entered that awesome presence will tell you: You don't thumb your nose in God's presence; you bow your head and fall on your knees.

May we enter His presence daily with a heart full of confidence in what Jesus has done - making a way for us to approach our Maker and King!

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