Monday, June 21, 2010

Repentance ( 6-20-10)

The sermon of Repentance was very powerful because God showed me my motives why I repented before God. God wanted to tell me that He was not a tame master with a whip. But, I constantly bring a mask before God to wear. I repented before God because I feared that He will take away my blessings. I felt sorry and guilty before God because I directly disobey God and the right thing to do is repent. I was so blind and decieved how much I really loved the world. I was in denial to see what the world was really made up of because I loved to hold on to my pride, security, money, and reputation. I assumed I had a relationship with God because I assumed confessing my sin before Him would keep my relationship with Him. I am like King Saul confessing sin with such a parranoid surrender and thoughts instead of being like King David aknowleding how he offended God wit his sin. Repentance is knowing how I offended God and asking God for a willing heart to change and to sustain me to obey God the next temptation comes. Satan can not create anything to bring us down. The spirit of confusion come when I refuse to obey and accept God's truth. I was convicted that I pick the truths I want to hear Because it didn't fit into my wants and selfishness The spirit firmly said THIS IS NOT ACCEPTABLE in SUCH a tender way. I didn't want to admit or be honest about me because of my fear of failure and pride. THIS attitude totally insults God because it is a hidden way of saying " God you can't help me what I am going through." The Spirit crushed my heart as I was able to see HOW MUCH SUGAR COATED DUNG I was bringing to God but yet He still says HE LOVES ME......I have to constantly ask God to remind me that HIS LOVE IS UNCONDITIONAL~ and He never fails to do so!


Jane said...

thanks for sharing! :-)

tobiacus said...

yay! you know how to blog now. =)

little jane said...

praise the LORD.
His love really is unconditional
don't you love how He speaks to us so tenderly? :)