Tuesday, September 29, 2009

upcoming sat seminar topics

1. Godly Career & God’s Calling
a. Why should I study? What’s the point of studying?
b. Does God really want me to spend so much time and money on study?
c. How do I balance work and study?
d. How do I study?
e. What study and career should I pursue? Does it matter?
f. How does my secular study coincide with God’s calling on my life? Is it supposed to?

2. Godly Stewardship of Time & Money
a. What is stewardship?
b. How does God expect me to spend my time & money?
c.What am I expected to do in times of great time and money shortage? Is it really all about faith?
d. How do I discipline myself to make most of my time & money?
e. How do I prioritize the use of my time & money?
f. Is it wrong to have my own time & money to spend? Why do I feel guilty when I do? Am I supposed to feel guilty?

3. Godly Relationships
a. Godly Dating & Marriage
i. How do I choose the one right for me? How do I discern if he/she is a true believer? What are the guidelines to determine if he/she is “the one”?
ii. Is it wrong to date? Is it wrong to “try out” different “prospects”?
iii. What’s going “too far”?
iv. What is a godly courtship?
v. How do I know I am ready for a relationship?
vi. How do I prepare to be a godly spouse?
vii.How do I reconcile my past failures in relationships? How does it impact my future relationships?
viii. How do I remain pure in an impure world?

b. Godly Son & Daughter
i. How do I live as a Christian and a son or a daughter to “difficult” parents?
ii. How do I obey my parents when it collides with God’s commands?
iii. When can I claim independence and move out?

c. Godly Friendship
i. Is it possible for a girl and a guy to be good friends without being mixed up in a more intimate relationship?
ii. What is God’s view of a godly friendship?
iii. How do I make godly friends?

d. Godly Fellowship
i. What is expected of me in this EM?
ii. How do I become part of this Ministry in a way God desires?
iii. What does a godly fellowship look like?
iv. How do I speak the truth in love to my brothers and sisters in Christ?

The seminars will begin this Saturday (10/3, 10 a.m.) and will run for a few weeks.
Please post any additional questions on comments.

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