Monday, February 11, 2008

Retreat Pics and Video

Some of the pics are being shown on the right.
If you click on the pics, you should be able to see the originals and here's the link for all of the pics we took at the retreat.

As for the videos, it took me the whole day, but I finally uploaded them.
I just posted two of them below.
If you want to view or download all of them, just let me know.


Group BRWY


little jane said...

LOL... oh boy.
that was great. hahahaha

nice job, tobi :)
thank you~!

Anonymous said...

so hilarious!

'Just believe it!'


this is funnier the second time!

thanks, tobi, for posting it.

We're all laughin' but I can hear Jane C. out of them all.



nice fall, james...

minkyung said...

you guys had great time!!!!

I like second video a lot!!!