Monday, July 02, 2007

let us

3 "Let Us" statements in Hebrews 12:1-2 constitute God's message of encouragement for us:

1. Let Us Throw Off
- everything that hinders - not just "the good," but even our seeking after spiritual things (if done with false motives) can become a stumblingblock

- and sin that so easily entangles - "the bad"
(remember the Australian 1,000-meter speed skating contestant who won the gold even though he was at the end of the race because the four racers before him got entangled in a heap of tumble)

2. Let Us Run
- with perseverance - not a sprint like a 100-meter dash, but a marathon, so required endurance
(remember George Mueller who prayed over 35 years to save 5 of his non-believing friends; the last one being saved soon after Mueller's funeral)

- the race marked out for us - the distance and time we run is predetermined and limited; our trials no matter how difficult won't last forever
(remember the two critical times for any marathon runner: at the beginning when he has to fight the temptation to race fast recklessly; and at the middle "hitting the wall" and feeling he can no longer go on, sapped of all strength, falling dangerously into despair that he's only half way there)

3. Let Us Fix our Eyes
- On Jesus, the Author & Perfecter of our faith - He began a good work in us; He will finish it
- Who for the Joy set before Him - our aim must be Jesus, and we must run with right focus and motivation

Remember, finally, that God cheers us on as that famous Polish composer-pianist Pederewski who encouraged and played along behind the little 9 year-old boy to keep on playing his "chopsticks" on the beautiful Steinway grand piano before a disgruntled audience who expected the grand master to play. Remember that God, like Pederewski, who cheers us on to keep playing our "chopsticks" while sitting behind us, composes a most beautiful concerto turning our simple and amateurish music called life into a masterpiece.

--from Nakwon EM July 1st Sunday Worship Service

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