Sunday, July 22, 2007

Be Filled

Ephesian 5:17-21 speaks about being filled with the Spirit, but what does it mean to be filled? We often imagine a cup being filled to the rim, so that when something were to hit it, it will overflow. In other words if you were to fill yourself with the holy spirit, you can't help but pour it back out when you're faced with trials and tribulations. Now there is nothing wrong with this analogy, but there's a deeper meaning to idea of being filled.

  1. saturation : imagine a sponge, the idea is that we soak or submerge ourselves with the Spirit that we can't help but let it become a part of lives.
  2. cooperation : allow the holy spirit fill you. How can the Holy Spirit work in your life if you don't allow it?
  3. continuation : Being filled with isn't a one time thing. Do you come to church and pour your heart for the Lord, but once you leave does it end there? Do you limit you relationship with God? Being filled is a daily moment to moment experience.

So then how do you know you are filled? How can you tell if the Holy Spirit is working in your life? If you read Eph 5: 19 - 21 closely, Paul explains what it means to be filled.

  1. speech and heart (v.19) : Do you have praise in your heart? Do you feel an urge to sing praise to the Lord?
  2. attitude (v.20) : When you begin to realized how blessed we are by God's grace, how can you not help but be filled with gratitude.
  3. submission (v.21) : Submission does not imply aimlessly yielding to everyone. Submissions means choosing to give up you are always right. Do you find yourself trying so hard to win an argument that you forget why it was so important to win in the first place? Submit to the Holy Spirit, let it work in you life. Don't try to dictate how you think the Holy Spirit should work.

Finally, how do we become filled?

  1. nourishment : The word of God. There is no other way (in other words read you bible people =P)
  2. obedience : Do not live your life from experience to experience. Follow the law.
  3. dependence : Do you live you life depending on God in a daily relationship? Or do you keep God in church. When you leave church do you leave God behind?
  4. yield : Don't get caught up on thinking how you feel God should work. Let the Holy Spirit work in your life, even if it's not according to you plan.

--from Nakwon EM July 22nd Sunday Worship Service
*To listen to this sermon in its entirety, please contact James Kim

Song JDSN says try living w/ a goat. =P


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