Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Ray Comfort on Abortion

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little jane said...

(Just reposting from my facebook, hehe)

Honestly... i've thought about abortion before too. One of the girls in the video said she's pro-life (which i am also) but said it's hard to say what you really stand for until YOU are actually in that situation of having to choose to keep the baby or abort. It's obviously a difficult one to make.

I knew that if i ever became pregnant outside of marriage, my beliefs would be challenged & shaken also. To be honest, before watching this video, I was more likely to abort a baby because I couldn't live with the shame i'd bring to myself & my family. It wasn't even about money or if i could support a child. For me, personally, it was more about public shame. Which, sadly... is a shame!

This video really puts things into perspective. If you didn't have to think about this already, good for you. Keep it that way. Just don't put yourself in a situation where you have to make this decision ladies =/ I've already decided :) PRO-LIFE! ♥