Friday, December 04, 2009

time & money

This excerpt from A.W. Tozer's That Incredible Christian is a fitting and revealing summary following the recent Seminar on Godly Stewardship of Time & Money:

He calls he "Rules for Self-Discovery." (In other words, your answers to these questions will reveal a lot about you and your spirituality.)
1. What we want most
2. What we think about most
3. How we use our money
4. What we do with our leisure time
5. The company we enjoy
6. Who and what we admire
7. What we laugh at
Care to take the test?


redeemed said...

1. My family to be saved
2. The future (Family, service for God)
3. Um...pretty carelessly ._.;
4. Facebook, read the Word
5. People with whom I can both carry on an intellectual conversation and have good humored fun
6. Surrendered people through whom the Holy Spirit speaks and works on a regular basis
7. Really really corny jokes HAHAH
...and little boys dressed up in duck suits :)

I guess I'm not entirely at the point at which I can safely say I'm still not mentally trying to drag along my family in my walk (run?) with God. I'm working on it, but it's a difficult thing to keep off of the mind. And the future isn't something that should continually preoccupy me either, as James tells us that we should instead trust in the Lord. At the same time, I'm not sure that he's encouraging a moment-to-moment based life, and there does come a required balance between relying on God and just...being careless with time. That balance, I guess is the perspective on our time that it really isn't our time at all, as much as it is God's time to be devoted to how He wants us to spend it.

Speaking of which, I should be doing my paper right now :)

...I still think it looks like a chicken suit.

David said...

1. I want to want to want God more (hm..maybe I added one too many "want to"'s)

2. Too many things. I can think/analyze things too much-I get a headache.

3. I used to be very adamant about saving money but now I am discovering the joys of giving.

4. listening to christian music, reading devos(i think i subscribed to too many so i started cutting down), powernapping (ha)

5. Funny, easygoing people who are devoted to God, family, and of course most importantly, God =)

6. George Mueller - his biography inspires me to LIVE by faith

7. Silly stuff

now back to studying...

David said...

oh I meant to say George Muller's autobiography-I highly recommend it =)

ChallengeME said...

1. i want world peace .. jk ... i want to surrender my will and live in complete freedom and LIVE as God destined me too!
2. i think about the fallen state of man ... and yearn to comprehend the redemptive work that God has designed perfectly in each man ..
3. terribly
4. nothing ... waste a lot of it ...
5. ppl who inspire me, make me laugh, challenges my thoughts
6. i admire brokenness & humilty along with courage to stand for Christ at all cost
7. i laugh at those who can laugh at themselves

yeah need to reevaluate how i spend my time ...