Monday, December 29, 2008

A Living Testimony

A living testimony exalts God, not man. A true testimony is about confessing that God is the engineer of all our circumstances. Psalm 34:1-5 serves as a great example of this.

Characteristics of True Testimony
  1. It is evident in storms - A living testimony is always born out of trial sans storms.. It is often birth out of storms and sometimes in seemingly defeat.
  2. It endures in effect - A true testimony not only changes you but its effect must endure.
  3. It edifies the suffering - It edifies by encouragement and by empowerment. The strength of a testimony comes from the healing others receive by hearing it. When you hesitate to share you testimony, you lose a chance for God to use you as His tool to help further His kingdom.
  4. Embraces God's ways - Does your life prove God is? Can others see what God has done in you life? Your testimony must embrace the Lord by personal declaration of Hi faithfulness and by principal of faithfulness. Your salvation is complete when you stop asking why He did it and be thankful that He did it.

--from Nakwon EM December 28th 2008 Sunday Worship Service

I should have watched Finding Nemo...

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