Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Evidences: True Walk with God

Genesis 5:21-24 chronicles the amazing life of Enoch. Enoch is one of the two people who never tasted death. Enoch represents the perfect picture of someone who's been raptured away. What kind of life did Enoch live, that God would just take him away?
  1. Commenced by Revelation - The revelation Enoch received was during the birth of his son. It was revealed to Enoch that God's judgement was coming the moment his son dies. This realization completely changed him. True transformation first starts with yourself. Enoch wasn't focused on changing the world, he knew he had to be broken first before he could help change others.
  2. Characterized by Faith - Enoch believed God exists and that God rewards. For most of us, it is not that hard to believe God exists. One only has to examine the world around us to realize everything proclaims "He is." However, most of stumble in believing that He rewards. God rewards those who earnestly seek Him. Believing the Lord exists does not set you apart. After all even the demons know this and shudder in fear.
  3. He continued with judgement in view (World Eschatology vs Personal Eschatology) -
    Knowing the world will come to and end will not change you. It might scare you but even that is only a passing emotion. Even during Noah's time, everyone heard Noah's warnings but not a single person listened to him. Do you have a real, practical sense that you will have to face God's judgement one day? Are you being transformed?

What kind of attitude do you display to others? Do you reflect Christ's image in your life? During his days on earth, Enoch never lived to see God's judgement carried out. Yet despite his faith never faltered. Enoch did not conform to this world. That is why eh was not controlled by the world and that is why he was not condemned like the rest of the world. Does the Lord yearn to take you away like He did with Enoch?

--from Nakwon EM September 28th 2008 Sunday Worship Service

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