Thursday, May 22, 2008

Knowledge of God

What is the result of someone who comes into contact with the knowledge of God? 2 Peter 1:3-11 talks about what happens to those who comes to know God. The word of God has an uncanny bi-polar effect for those who come into contact with it. It can either change and transform you heart or it can harden and deaden you towards the things of the Lord.
  1. Provisional knowledge of God - God has already given us everything we need to obtain eternal life and overcome. However, most of us are unable to see that He has already provided us with such provisions. Many of us fail to come closer to the Lord, because we try to add Christ into our lives without subtracting the world.
  2. Progressive knowledge - We are called to better ourselves through our sanctification from the Lord. What we accomplish today in the Lord's name must be even greater tomorrow. If we become content and idle in our spiritual walk, then ultimately we become unfruitful.
  3. Positional knowledge - Every child of God has a calling. If you find your calling and make it sure then you will never fall and ultimately receive your welcome into His eternal kingdom. Our purpose is to serve, and we will only find peace with ourselves when we perform the functions we were meant to do. Your love for God will make it natural for you to serve.

If we continue to turn a blind eye towards the things of God, it will ultimately make you turn away from Him. Does of knowledge of God spur your heart to work for Him? Mercy triumphs over judgement, so will you let God's truth touch you?

--from Nakwon EM May 18th 2008 Sunday Worship Service

Not all things that glow have a voice, ESPECIALLY CANDLES!!!!!

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little jane said...

the candle story reminds me of Disney's "Beauty & the Beast" :P
The French candle talks, dances, AND sings...