Thursday, March 20, 2008


Hello fellow EM'ers and all who visit our blogspot.
I just wanted to apologize for the delay of uploading last Sunday's sermon, Triumph of Jesus.
I know, I know, you were crying and wondering what happened.
You can continue to read on if you would like to know.
To simply say it, my comp went crazy and I couldn't access my files for a while.
Of course then I went crazy because I didn't back up any of my files, especially all the stuff for EM.
So the lesson of the day is to ALWAYS backup your files!!!
Anyways, I went through a lot to just get my files so I hope this glitch won't be a problem in the future because I'm looking to buy a new comp.
If you know any deals or better yet, if you would like to donate into the tobi fund, let me know. =)

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