Monday, December 10, 2007

Set Your Minds

Colossians 3:1-3 provides a short excerpt on Holy living. It gives a simple command of setting our "minds on things above, not on earthly things." Yet one of the most common trials we face is the temptation to fall back into our worldly ways, even after we've come into the presence of Christ. We try to set our minds on walking the higher path, yet we often find ourselves stumbling over worldly habits which hinder our spiritual walk. Ultimately, what started off as a noble determination, becomes withered away to nothing more than guilt. Guilt for lacking the strength to follow through with the promises we so zealously made. Yet despite all our knowledge and convictions, why do we often find ourselves caught the same cycle? Why is it so hard for us to set our minds. To answer this question there are three things you must know about the mind.
  1. Truth about the Mind - First of all, our mind is not a vacuum. Since the moment we were born, the mind has been constantly soaking up information. It has the uncanny ability to absorb limitless amount of information. Furthermore your mind is your captain. What your mind says you will do.
  2. Bombardment of the Mind - We live in an age where we are constantly bombarded by the media. From magazines, to television to video games, companies are vying for you attention. Yet what does media teach us? It tells us that beautiful is good and ugly is bad. It tells us that truth is relative and it paints a false picture of what it means to have a good life. Furthermore, try to think back when was the last time you saw a positive image of religion being portrayed on TV. The truth is media has become a tool which dictates our reality. Post modern philosophy calls this hyperreality. It is the sense something being more "real" than real. Media has become a way to filter and distort what's really going on. Just look at this unending fad of reality shows.
  3. Control of the Mind - The first thing we must acknowledge is that there is a a spiritual war being waged for your mind. Furthermore, God will not govern your thoughts. He will not force his will upon you. He might wait patiently and try nudging you in the right direction, but ultimately it's up to you. So how do we control our mind? You must first screen your thoughts, then select your thought and finally strengthen Godly thoughts. The next time you are thinking about something ask yourselves these 7 questions.
    (1) Where is it coming from?
    (2) Where is it leading me?
    (3) Is it scripturally sound?
    (4) Will it build me up or tear me down?
    (5) Can you share this thought with others?
    (6) Does it make you feel guilty for having these thought?
    (7) Does it fit with who you are as a Christian?
    If the answer is no to any of these questions then ultimately you are sowing a thought that will lead you astray.

To key to controlling our minds is by making a positive replacement for a negative thought. This is why it is so important to dwell in the Word. By exposing your mind to the scriptures it allows it to be strengthen by it. Setting our minds is not an over-night process. It is arduous refining process which needs to be repeatedly hammered out, but if you keep at it, then just maybe when all the impurities have been stripped away, you'll be left with something so beautiful that even God will be moved. A Holy mind.

--from Nakwon EM December 9th 2007 Sunday Worship Service
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