Friday, November 16, 2007

The Contentment of Being Loved

Our free will might stem from the fact that we have the ability to ignore God. We seem to have the uncanny ability to block out God's words no matter how hard He tries to talk to us. Yet it seems it is in our moments of deafness is when we often fall into our discontentment. Too often do we find ourselves gauging our levels of happiness to our intrinsic material possessions. As if our scales of contentment can be offset by the weight of our wealth. How often have we found ourselves saying "if only I had that shiny new car" or "if only I could afford that beautiful condo overlooking the water front.", which of course makes it even more ironic since by now we are past the stages of our infancy naiveties. Just as we now realize how trivial that childhood "Happy Meal" was, deep in our minds we also realize that the new car today will turn into tomorrow's heavily insured heap of scrap metal. Yet despite this revelation why do we subjugate ourselves to these thoughts? Maybe it's because we've learned to ignore God. After all it's one thing to know about God, it's another thing to have a relationship with God. It's no secret we have God missing in our lives. It seems no matter what we try to satiate our hungers, we always find ourselves feeling lonely or frustrated. Maybe that feeling of despair is our soul yearning to be closer to God. Even though we've learned to block it from our minds, it doesn't mean our souls have. As Christians we are taught that we are designed to worship the Lord. Then it only seems logical that when we astray from that purpose our, we will only find disappointment. It's like trying to cut a steel pipe with a paper scissor. Sure, you can try as hard as you want, and maybe you'll even scratch the metal, but ultimately it's a futile attempt and down-right ludicrous. After all, what in our world can possibly measure up the glory of our Lord, because ultimately that's what we are looking to do.

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