Sunday, January 07, 2007

retreat pre-post CHOICE

Remember Elijah.

Remember the priority diagram.

Remember where Christ ought to belong in your life.

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shinyoung said...

oh man, where do i start with this one... Well, you know, one thing that i remember is that example of walking, standing, and sitting. (i think this was from the QT on psalm 1) but yea, i never realized how sin came in stages like that. I never thought of the Israelites' silence to Elijah's statement in that way.

Then, when doing the "circle of your life" activity, i realized that i need to let god sit on the throne of my life ALONE. He will never have to share that seat with anyone or anything else in my life. He sits there, or he sits no where. (and how scary would that be) "everything will fall into place when you let Jesus sit on the throne of your heart" -amen to that.