Monday, October 16, 2006

service & meeting time changes

Hopefully this will be more or less permanent meetings times for our EM:

Our Sunday Worship Service will now take place at 11:00AM. Yes! We have our own room now! (And our own beautiful LCD Projector! Hee)

The Saturday Bible Study meetings will be at 4:30PM. (Not at church, but at my apartment.)

And finally, we are beginning Tuesday 6:30PM Praise & Prayer meetings this week.

Please come and be blessed!

One more reminder: We will be holding monthly "Lock-In's."

Our first one is scheduled for this Friday, 10/20, at 9PM. We will be studying about the Last Days, in more detail of what we learned during yesterday's worship service.

We will study in depth what the Bible tells us about the End Times and how we are called to live our lives as people of God awaiting the second coming of Christ.

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